Advanced Argentine Tango Seminar

A once a month specially designed workshop for High Intermediate to Advanced level dancers. These workshops involve instruction on techniques used by advanced dancers. Each month we will take a concepts and simple steps as they apply to complexitiesand we break it down to its individual components and look at the techniques needed for a successful and satisfying completion.

Due to the high level and scope of information involved in these workshops we ask participants to apply in advance. Our goal is to bring together a group that are at a similar level and who have the intention of pushing through barriers to attain growth and expansion in their dance. Please contact us using the form below. You can also call 520-468-5536 with questions, for additional information or to reserve your spot in an upcoming workshop.

Although this is not considered an Advanced Couples workshop we do request that those attending do their best to sign up as a lead/follow partnership so as we can keep the workshop roles balanced for everyones benefit.

Rusty Cline and Jo Canalli at TangoAllure

Salon Technique and Figuras
Saturday, December 10, 2011

Professional Floating Floor for Comfort!
Home Studio
3305 N. Pebble Rapids Place
Tucson, AZ 895712


Starting at 1pm this workshop will consist of two 1.5 hours classes with a 30 minute break in between and practice time afterwards.


1 Workshop $35
1 workshop with a 1 hour private lesson $75

Private Lessons will be scheduled for a day and time that follows the workshop. Please contact Rusty or Jo to schedule.