Daniela Pucci Y Luis Bianchi Workshop in Tucson

Daniela Pucci & Luis Bianchi

From Buenos Aires, Argentina: Daniela and Luis are 5 Star Instructors in demand all over Europe, Asia and America.

Argentine Tango Intensive Workshop
October 30 - November 1, 2009
Tucson, Arizona

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We are honored to bring you two of the best instructors currently on the circuit today! Daniela and Luis have taught or teach at every major festival in the US and in Europe. Their teaching style is nothing short of genius! Their relationship and classroom teaching interaction is brilliant and loving. Luis is Argentine born and bred dancing tango. He is highly sophisticated in his teaching style that he readily shares with Daniela. Daniela’s teaching is trained and versed in educating her students, she left her career as an MIT Engineering Professor to teach and dance tango with Luis. Not only are Daniela and Luis fabulous instructors, community builders and social dancers, they had to turn down our festival last year in order to accommodate an invitation to dance and perform on Broadway in New York City. Their reputation as gentle social dancers and commanding stage performers preceeds them whereever they go.

This workshop is guaranteed to be the best workshop in Tucson since the festival in March! As a student in this workshop you will quickly notice that you are well attended with two professional instructors on the floor serving your learning needs at all times. Of course, this means the workshop is a bit more expensive, but I give my assurances that it will be worth every penny!

Workshop Theme: Workshops are organized to reflect the emphasis on body awareness and musicality. Daniela and Luis typically start with exercises developing key concepts (e.g. hip-torso dissociation, axis control, awareness of the embrace and so on) and end with an exploration of the musical possibilities around the theme of each workshop.


Friday, October 30, 2009

7:00-8:30pm: The Silky Embrace: Effortless and Sensitive Connection (All Levels)
8:30pm—10pm: Practica

Saturday, October 31, 2009
Bootcamp: Understanding Milonguero, Salon and Nuevo Styles (All Levels)
11:00am—12:30pm: Technique and Musicality in Milonguero Style—Emphasis on Rythmic Tangos
1:00pm—2:30pm: Technique and Musicality in Salon Style—Emphasis on Romantic Tangos
3:00pm—4:30pm: Technique and Musicality in Nuevo Style—Emphasis on Dramatic and Modern Tangos

Saturday Night Gran Halloween Milonga - 8:PM - 1:AM - Hosted by Tucson Tango Society
Sheraton Hotel 5151 E. Grant Rd. Tucson, AZ

Sunday, November 1, 2009
11:00am—12:30pm: Playing with the Legs: Paradas and Barridas (advanced beginner or intermediate)
1:00pm—2:30pm: Smooth and Sharp Boleos (intermediate/advanced)
3:00pm—4:30pm: Back Sacadas for Leaders and Followers (intermediate/advanced)

Location: Arizona Ballroom Craycroft & Grant Rd.


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Friday, Saturday, Sunday - 7 Classes with 2, 5 Star World Class Instructors Expired $195 Each
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Single Day - 3 Classes Expired $95 Each
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One Class Expired $35 Each
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Friday Class & PracticaExpired $50 Each
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Bio: Daniela Pucci and Luis Bianchi met at a practica during her first trip to Buenos Aires. What was supposed to be Luis's last tanda for the night turned into two hours of dancing together. The magical connection that they experienced that night led them to share their tango paths. Daniela left her career as an MIT Engineering Professor to join Luis as his tango partner. Luis left Buenos Aires to join her in New York City and they now split their time between the two cities and travel the world teaching and performing.

Daniela and Luis’ tango is best described as joyful and heartfelt. Dancing together since 2006, they have quickly become known for their musicality, connection and infectious energy. As performers, they are engaging, vibrant, and emotional, whether improvising or performing one of their comic, theatrical numbers. As instructors, their ultimate goal is to help students move better, achieve deeper connection, and find their own voice in the dance. Students in their classes can expect thorough instruction on tango technique, encouragement to increase their body awareness, lots of personalized feedback, and a healthy dose of humor to complement the mix. Born in Mar del Plata, Argentina, Luis started dancing tango in 1994 and became a professional dancer in 1997. He taught and performed for several years in Buenos Aires before tango took him to Brazil, Europe and North America. Born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Daniela came to tango from a background in science and engineering. She started dancing tango in 1999 and brings lifelong training in music to the partnership. Daniela and Luis started their partnership with the show “Tango Historias” in Poland, which was also Luis’s directorial debut. Since then they have taught and performed throughout the U.S., in France and in Poland, including several festivals such as Portland Valentango and Tangofest, Boston Tango de los Muertos, Princeton Tangofest, NYC Tango Marathon, D.C. Tango Exchange and Festival Nouvel An, in France.

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We hope to see you here improving your dance with Daniela and Luis!!
Love & Light,
Rusty & Jo