Free Tango Classes in Tucson

First 4 Tango Classes FREE

4 FREE Argentine Tango classes! I am a consummate learner of tango and teaching. Our teaching styles have evolved again and the classes reflect a higher standard of learning. If you have never taken one of our classes or if it has been more than a year since you have taken a class, the first 4 are on me!

Saturday 2:15-3:15pm Imperative Foundation
Saturday 3:15-4:15pm Intermediate-Advanced Fun and Necessary Figures
Tucson Dance Academy
2850 W. Ina Rd #100
Tucson, AZ 85741

Try it for free! Someone asked me recently how I learned to dance so elegantly, my answer seems trite, but in truth it is very simple: I attended every class I ever taught. And so did Joanne. We do not dance this way due to a natural talent, it is all diligence and sweat. Beyond that I have been polishing teaching techniques that will make tango easier for you to assimilate.

The changes you are seeing in our dance is more than years of dedication, if I had found what I am doing now, years ago, I would have been dancing this way years sooner. I can bring you to a whole new level of tango or get you started quickly! Tango is now easier to learn in Tucson than it used to be! Our method of teaching it constantly moving forward!

I have been striving 2005 to figure out a better way to help you find your own tango body. And have fun in the process.

Tango is not a simple dance, it is very sophisticated, but we have developed a simpler way for you to wrap your body and mind around the complexities in tango. By continuing to move in the simplest forms the fractal appeared and now it is easier to digest and integrate this lovely art form. There it was all along waiting for me to discover it. Come share it with me!

If you haven’t been in one of our classes lately you are missing true and postive tango learning opportunities.

By utilizing spatial awareness techniques and obstacles and games, we are getting remarkable results in tango body perceptions followed by pattern assimilation and usage.

Come join us to learn and or improve your tango!

Yours in Tango and Peace