Saddle Brooke – Folding Like a Bandoneon – Stealing The Cross

Greetings to our new friends and our old friends up in Saddle Brooke. It was such a pleasure to come up and work with you all!

Here is a very similar class that we taught demonstrated in Perth Australia:

The attendants in Perth had been dancing longer so we went further with the material – which is cool for you since you can continue to improve what we worked on with you and eventually take the elements in these movements further. You must lead the cross in order to steal it.

Here are the highlights for the workshop:
Moving all the way the the actual weight change (off axis moment) of the cruzada (cross)
Leaders: Taking your partners with you and not rushing off ahead
Followers: Taking the time to move with your partner and not rushing into the cruzada without your partner.

These elements are crucial to advancing this movement. Practice this to some soft romantic tango music, moving slowly and taking your time.

Here is another video that will extend what you learned: