Sydney Photos and Blog

Sydney was awesome. We are now in Perth. Wednesday night we were introduced to the local community at a very nice practica. The dancing was great and the people here are spectacular. It is a blessing to be where we are doing what we are doing – and for me, with whom I get to do it!! Joanne is the best travel companion PERIOD!

We spent yesterdya strolling through Kings Park – more pictures to come. Today we are catching up on internet work and Jo is working on her play list for tomorrow since she is DJing the milonga tonight after the workshop.

The trip is going flawlessly. We started on a great note by getting to LA 3 hours early for our flight and since we were the first to sign in and our booked flight was oversold we were bummped to Business Class so we had beds as we crossed the mighty Pacific ocean. What a treat to receive this kind of luxury on such a long flight!! SO we started with blessings adn I am quite sure it will end that way as well. The best way to be sure is to roll with the waves and follow the flow, which we are doing every moment!

We love and miss you all!! More later…

Love & Light Rusty – and Jo