Tubac Argentine Tango 6 Week Beginner’s Series

Argentine Tango Billboard in Buenos Aires

Argentine Tango Billboard in Buenos Aires

Argentine Tango Beginner’s 6 Week Series
$80 per person
September 26th – October 21st
7:30-9:00 PM

6 Week Syllabus for Evolution Studio in Tubac
Each class starts with a review of the previous week and ends with practice exercises

Walking and Partner Connection
Connection with the music and your partner while maintaining balance
Simple Rhythm and Rock Step
6 Basic Walking Steps to Create Rhythm and Connection
Creating momentum and stopping momentum all with rhythm
The 6 Step Box and Available Rhythms
Side steps and “Contra Body Movement”
The Parallel 8 Step Basic -Vs- The 6 Step Basic
Crossing: The Cruzada!
Leading the Cruzada
Following the Cruzada
The Cross System 8 Step Basic
Leading and following the cross from the other foot!!!
How they fit, where to use them
Full Review!!!

The Syllabus will never take precedent over learning… there is no race if we don’t cover all the material… it is OKAY!!!