Annual Tucson Tango Festival 2012

Tucson Tango Festival Banner

Tucson Tango Festival Banner

The Tucson Tango Festival
February 29 – March 4, 2012th, 2010

All Events Held at One Venue!
You don’t need to rent a car!
Call the hotel for a free ride from the airport!

Holiday Inn Palo Verde
4550 South Palo Verde Road
Tucson, Arizona 85714
Reservations: 1 877 834 3613 – Your Reservation Code is: TTF
Phone: (520) 746-1161
FREE Shuttle service!
The only events held off site are the Guerrilla Milonga (for which there is a bus) and the
Hangover Milonga on Monday night for which we have lined up locals to help with rides.

NOTICE: Share your breakfast chips!!!
Holiday Inn will be serving waffles at the all night milonga.
You will need a breakfast chip to get free waffles at 3:AM – otherwise there will be a charge… so since most tango dancers don’t do breakfast be sure to save and share your chips with those that might not be staying at the venue.


  • Murat Erdemsel
  • Michelle Erdemsel
  • Daniela Pucci
  • Luis Bianchi
  • Jorge Nel
  • Grisha Nisnevish
  • Rachel Lidskog


  • Paul Akmajian
  • Varo Boyajyan

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