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Learn Argentine Tango with Rusty Cline & Joanne Canalli.
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"Rusty is a master of metaphor and analogy. It seems he can always find something to say to bring your own personal experience into learning movements and techniques."  
~~Joanne Canalli
(Rusty's student since her first step in tango!)

Jo and Rusty's workshops focus on partnering, connection, smoothing transitions, body awareness and mechanics. With special attention given to the discreet state of your body as you become musical utilizing floorcraft. We emphasize technique and elements with the goal of assisting dancers to develop their individual style and ability to improvise.

Workshop arrangements:
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Private lessons are available.
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Workshop Lesson Ideas (keep checking as they change as time goes by):

Beginning to Intermediate
  • How To Double Your Repertoire Without Even Trying This class has the capacity to double your repertoire over the next few weeks… or to simply lead and interpret your existing repertoire by enhancing your understanding of tango mechanics; there will be exercises to empower the follower to take more beautiful commanding steps while giving the leader the finesse and confidence to lead by soft flexible invitations – rather than hard commanding orders :o)
  • Transitioning Embrace – The Embrace is not a Static Event There is not ONE Abrazo, but many positions for Abrazos! Learn to lead and follow through a side-less grapevine with a pivot and weight change in the middle of each direction change. This is a great class to strengthen the ability to transition your dance frame/embrace. By the end of the class you will understand how to get energy from the floor to lead the follower in a pivot while learning to lead a subtle weight change by using our spine - for the followers it is a great opportunity to learn to read the intricate weight changes that can happen as the feet collect in a pivot.
  • Ocho Cortado - or- Softening the Angles - Learn the world renowned "ocho cortado" figura while becoming aware of malleability. Angularities in the look and feel of your body usually connotes tension and stiffness. It is difficult to correct errors and mistakes if the body is stiff as it dances. We have some fun and fascinating techniques, analogies and metaphors to bring your body into a malleable state so it can easily correct and mold as it moves with your partner through the fun and incredibly leadable ocho cortado.
  • Taming the Dance - How to calm yourself even if you can't calm your partner - incorporating exercise that may even help calm your partner. Then how to help connect with the beginning dancer that is having trouble connecting. Exercises that can successfully keep these instances to a minimum and bring about a more harmonious experience. Relaxation exercises that are done while dancing that will help relax you and your partner.

  • Intermediate to Advance:
  • Ochos con Dobles y Volcada Atrás - Dancing to the Soft Spot This class helps to strengthen and reinforce the need for gentle lead and a malleable frame. By the end of the class you will create a cleaner and clearer communication between you and your partner(s). You will learn a simple and relaxing figura that will ultimately create a clearer, cleaner connection at milongas. Depending on class advancement this exercise can easily become a displacement into a rear volcada – but doesn’t have to end anywhere in particular!
  • Many Facets of Ocho Cortado - Stimulus, musicality, entrance and exit strategies. Barridas, Gyros, Amagues, Walk Around & Reverse, Repetitions and Reversals coming from both sides. Using ocho cortado as a launching pad for other movements and figuras. Dozens of ending and transitions are available here depending on the level of dancers in the class.
  • Body Molding and Shaping - Teaching some fun steps and then rewinding the tape. Steps that can't be done backwards are usually flawed as they move forward or they would be easily rewound. Learning to dance more accurately and aware of the discreet state of ones being as you move through three dimensional space and time means everything in how you convey your movements or interpret the movements of your partner. For instance where was your head dangling as you lead or followed that particular move? Where was your shoulder, the angle of your back, pelvis... etc...?
  • Utilizing the Mini-Colgada - Colgadas are typically used to create large expansive spins or reverse moves, however there is ample room for very small colgada movements that open windows of opportunity in moments of improvisation. This class is designed with exercises and movements to sharpen the response time and the approach to conveying and interpreting smaller colgadas - which are much more usable at crowded milongas.
  • Leg Wraps and Repetitions- Using techniques from boleos we introduce you to smooth and luscious leg wraps that are effortless and sensuous. Being able to repeat a leg wrap drastically increases the musicality available to your leg wraps.
  • All of the above courses can be taught in an intermediate setting, most in an advanced setting and most certainly the first three can be taught in a beginning environment. There are many more concepts and of course all of the standard steps, figuras and movements that can be incorporated into the above lessons plans.

    We love to teach what you love to learn: Argentine Tango!
    Email Jo or call: 520-248-4403