Alternative Tango – Dancing to Alternative Music

IMG_88462.5 hour Workshop Class on Dancing to Alternative Music
Sunday October 25th
1-3:30pm $25.00 per Person

Most festivals and lots of milongas play alternative tangos. So what is one to do during these times of non-traditional music? It is time to step out of the tango box and dance. There is no way I can dance “tango” to an alternative tango song, but I love using tango moves to express myself as I dance to Blind Boys of Alabama’s version of Amazing Grace, or to several different versions of Roxanne. We will play some of the hottest alternatives that are popular for dancing alternative tango in the class.

We will expand at your interpersonal connection with all sorts of music and apply this expansion to dancing more expansively and expressively to fun tunes from all over the planet. We have some patterns to share that will also serve you in tango, and we will discuss how to shrink them for the milonga floors where ever you find them.

This will be an exploration in music, dance and traditions. You are guaranteed to have fun.

This is not a beginners class. We will expect you to know how to lead and follow:
Ochos – Cruzadas – Ocho Cortado and how to walk in parallel and cross system.
$25 per person