Saturday Weekly Drop-in Classes

Rusty & Jo in Australia

Rusty & Jo in Australia

Rusty & Jo in Australia

Classes Change Days, Times and Locations

Saturdays 2:00-3:00 PM The Foundation of Argentine Tango $10 for 1 -or- 2 for $15

It is all about the walk! There are three ways to walk backward and 9 ways to walk forward. There are 4 ways to make a cruzada. This class is a rotation of all these options.

Why is it all about the walk? Because the speed and cadence of tango require that we be more organized in order to slow to the actual pace of the music. The good news is it is a very methodical walk and once you feel it you realize that this leaves you lots of time to communicate and to move with your partner. The Argentine tango foundation class gets the walk into your body in a natural way.

Saturday 3:00-4:00 PM – Argentine Tango Intermediate Classes $10 for 1 -or- 2 for $15

Of course we can’t walk in a straight line forever, so we need to learn to make turns. There is one very simple system of turning in tango. If your tango turns are complicated you need this class! Turns are an important element often skipped in tango lessons, the turns and system of teaching turns in the class is revolutionary!

While we turn we do: Sacadas – Enrosques – Lapiz – Colgada – Barridas. This class will teach you all the above and more!

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