The basics for tango milonguero are the foundation for tango movements.

Learning to change weight without taking your partner with you or interrupting her as she dances is a must in order to advance in Argentine Tango. Play with it make mistakes and have fun 🙂 Love & Light, Rusty

Leading the Cruzada – 101 Remember: the cross – cruzada – is lead, not choreographed. You need to learn to lead the front cross and be sure your partner is following, to do this go slower and don\’t always cross or lead a cruzada to test your connection with your partner.

The cruzada is so prominent in tango it is one of the first things we learn to do – but so few take the time to actually lead and follow the cruzada. Since it is so prominent (in my opinion it actually drives tango into it fundamental state of being) it is crucial that you learn to lead it and follow it fluidly, smoothly and completely by moving with your partner.