Dancing to the Orchestras

The Tango Walk, Style Sensuality and Grace!4 Week Series in Musicality
Rhythmic Movements Make Musicality Magical

August 25 through September 15, 2016
3305 N. Pebble Rapids Place
Tucson AZ 85712
$80 per person

We will be focusing on the musical options and rhythms as we move, step and adorn in tango. We will use contrasting orchestras, like the following, using different orchestras every week.

      D’Arienzo Vs Calo
      Rodriguez Vs Fresedo
      Di Sarli Vs Pugliese
      Donato Vs D’Agostino

We will take your repertoire and give you musical challenges inside of what you already dance. Some times by changing the rhythm in a certain place the same figure feel new and different.

We may add a pattern or two to your repertoire, but only if it is required, otherwise we will stay within your dance range and improve your usage of your existing dance as it applies to the music and orchestras.

Goals: To better understand the difference between orchestras, how to change your behavior to suit the music and orchestra. How to tell when the qualities of the music change and hear the differences between the listed orchestras.

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