Practica Privada – Practice for Private Lesson Students

AZ Dance Coalition Performance Oct. 2013

AZ Dance Coalition Performance Oct. 2013

Practice and Discipline

We create an environment for the discovery of what is real in your tango body thus enhancing what you understand. I warm up the group for the first 30 minutes by combining some of our famous drills. This settles you into your tango body. I offer a theme that can help you on your path to discovering what actually works and what helps you get better at the dance.

We are happy to offer this free of charge to supplement your weekly private lessons – if you did not have a private that week the practica is $30 per person. The practica is free if you take at least one private lesson per week. As your coach and instructor, I strongly advise you take advantage of this offer. As it will be a strong link in furthering your development as a social dancer as well as a deeper look into your own body.

Oh yeah… it is be fun, too! 😉 You will get to meet others that are taking private lessons with us, at any on time we have between 30 and 40 people taking with us regularly. The average attendance is 15 to 20.

By creating a separate practice and training environment, we see improvements in the dancing and connection at our milongas, since you will not be be training or practicing at the milonga. Instead you will be dancing, which is the tradition.

Practica Privada is most Monday’s from 7-9:pm. Check the calendar to be sure, or ask at your next private lesson 🙂

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