Cambio Frente – Utilizing for mastery of the music!

Corte in Oz

Cambio Frente – Utilizing for mastery of music!

Sorry this class is sold out!

We are back from Australia and eager to get back to teaching. I have been planning this series for a long time. I have figured a way to teach you some elements without managing your choreography…

This will be a 4 Week Series
Beginning Jan 22, 2014
Ending Feb 12, 2014
$80 Per Person
We will get you turning musically on demand any where or time you want using one of the fundamental elements in tango, the Cambio Frente!

In parallel or cross system
Using his Cambio Frente or Hers
Finding your way into turns without choreography. It always works, let’s use it to create beautiful and elegant turns.

Sold Out No Further Registration Available – Sorry.