Colgadas – Using Centripetal Energy in Tango

festival performance rusty jo 2013

festival performance rusty jo 2013

2013 Tucson Tango Festival Performance

In this series we will look at another way of connecting as we move. We can’t always lean forward, there are physics involved and in any rapid turn two bodies are governed by the laws of centripetal forces. Joanne and Rusty use this natural occurring force as a tool when they turn rapidly, it comes, it appears and it disappears before the untrained eye can even see that it happened. We will train your eye and your bodies to allow this naturally occurring force to be your friend and help mate, improving your dance and your perception of tango.

We have learned that instead of fighting physics and gravity, when we comply with these natural laws, our dance is smoother, more elegant and easier. Come learn how to use this natural ergonomic energy to improve and enhance your existing repertoire and learn an new move or two over the course of 4 weeks.

Every Thursday for four weeks beginning November 19, 2015.
7-8:30pm at our Home Studio.
Pre-registration for the series is required as we size limit and lead/follow balance the group.