Dancing the Variaciónes + Musical Adornos

San Francisco 2012-Rusty Jo

San Francisco 2012-Rusty JoDancing the Variaciónes + Musical Adornos

4 Weeks Starting May 7th thru May 21st Skipping the 28th of May and finishing on the 4th of June.

We will be dancing to the variaciónes while adding rhythmical turns and adornos to your dance.

What is a variación?
A variación is an important part of the tango dance and experience, when the a phrase of a tango song becomes busy with musical flourishes, rhythms, syncopation or crescendo. Since we can’t travel very far forward at one time in tango, it is typical and important to learn to dance these faster portions of the song circularly.

  • We will add more rhythms, options and elegance to your variaciónes.
  • Then we will slow it down a bit and learn to make your turns elegant as well as musical.
  • All along you (especially the ladies) will be learning to adorn your steps with discreet rhythms and musically without changing the dance or where it is going.
Variaciónes & Musical Adornos $80 per Person