Internalizing the Connection – 4 Week Series

June 8th thru the 29th
Tucson Dance Academy
2850 W. Ina Rd #100
Tucson, AZ
$80 per person

In preparation for our trip to Buenos Aires we are reshaping the thoughts and dance a bit.

There are scores of ways to place your head psychologically into the dance. You can think about your partner, the music, the group around you, inspiring a peer with your elegance, working out some kinks, making the dance look good… etc etc… What we will do in this series is focus on increasing the comfort of the journey by learning to negotiate the dance in ways that helps, melts and softens your partner.

To do this we will focus on the music, the embrace and all the kinesthetic feedback from floor to foot, utilizing exercises, tricks and techniques to bring your thought patterns out of their ruts and boxes and move them into a reflective state that allows and accommodates malleability that leads to an exquisite connection that is savory and comfortable.

We will utilize any or steps you might already know… or are working on. This will not be a choreography series, unless you can’t do a major element like ochos, cruzada or get in and out of cross system.

Rusty & Jo Embracing

Internalizing the connection

The class will consist kinesthetic elements that enhance your ability to connect.

  1. Connection through out the entire frame
  2. Moments of transition
  3. Resolution – Reset – Restart
  4. Musicality as Applies to BOTH Partners
  5. Embracing From the Ground Up
  6. Aligning “El Cuerpo” to FIT
  7. Last But Most Importantly: NEGOTIATING the Dance -or- Accomodating your partner regardless!

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