Milonguero Dip – Sacred Geometry – In & Outs

Sacred Tango Geometry4 Week Series
Feb. 11th to Mar. 3rd
7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
3305 N. Pebble Rapids Place

The Milonguero Dip is more than a step or a movement. Underlying why and how it works is the sacred geometry that makes our bodies move together in effortless symmetry. Well, it is effortless when we understand how it works and how to execute the movement in proper sequence. We are trying not to dance with with left over tension and unused energy in the body. We are learning to consume that energy in the dance and have only enough left to keep us connected. That is what we are after, an efficient use of energy and effort. If we only bring the energy needed to the environment of the abrazo and use just enough to dance, the rest is simply a warm and delicious hug, an embrace of the ages.

We will start the milonguero dip from the easiest entrance I have found. Then from there we will look at how and why you can enter through other moments, doors, portals, steps, beats pivots etc. There are many ways to get to and dance the milonguero dip, we will explore as many as possible in the 4 short weeks of this series.

JO AND RUSTYTopics of Coverage:

  • Pivots – more, less too much, too little, just right
  • When to pivot, whom to pivot and how to know when enough just right
  • Fractal Mechanics of Turns, Pivots and Spirals – forward and back step relationships (better known in my world as scissor to tong relationships)
  • Musical relationships to the Milonguero Dip – endings -vs- beginnings – fills or fermatas
  • Connection – Communication, clarity and articulation in lead and follow techniques, opportunities and obligations

This is a class that has the potential to bring you to a new level of tango understanding, music, body, mind and passion. We look forward to working with you again.

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