Musical Sacadas and Enrosques

Every Thursday for 4 Weeks
January 4th through the 25th, 2018
3242 N. Longfellow Ave.
Limited Enrollment, First Signed, First Served.
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We will use sacadas and enrosques as stepping stones to creating a more melodic and sensual tango under your feet. Techniques for both followers and leaders as we prowl and delve into the beautiful melodies and rhythms that provoke our movements.

Musicality is the holy grail of tango. But how does one become this musical dancer that makes delicious decisions as the music unfolds?

Some say its because you know the song… sometimes, yes. Some say it’s because you don’t think… sure after lots of practice and diligence. Some say it is a magical thing and you either have it or you don’t… not so! If you simply apply what I will offer you in this workshop, you will find yourself moving with and understanding the music as it unfolds… even if you do not know the song.

With practice, awareness, understanding, listening, and hearing the music you cannot help but become musical, simply place that over a reliable form and a solid tango foundation.

We will cover these attributes through, drills, musical patterns, disciplined movements driven by the music and repetition.

These 4 Weeks of Musical Sacadas and Enrosques will change your dance forever.

Classes 7-8:30pm
Thursday $80 per person.
The series is lead-follow balanced so register in advance.

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