Reviewing Maria & Gustavo

maria-gustavo-rusty-jo-paul-2016We are grateful for all that Maria and Gustavo shared in their time with us in October of 2016. It was and always is a pleasure to work with them. It is our pleasure to be able to review the workshop classes they taught while here:

4 Class Series November 3rd through the the 1st of December – Skipping Thanksgiving Day on the 24th
Location TBA due to our forthcoming move.

Tango: this class was taught in the workshop on Friday 8-9:30pm
The art of sharing. (Sharing the axis and moving freely within the embrace)
This was a very engaging class for me it was one of the best walking classes I have taken. I loved the details and the way he built the class. I will happily review this class and its delicious details.

Tango: this class was taught in the workshop on Saturday 2-3:15pm
Decorations vs. lead movements that look like decorations.
This was a reverse freno class. I am looking forward to diving into the contrabody rotation in moving from step to step. I’ve been dancing these steps for years and I love these steps and what they did to my musicality once I mastered them.

Tango: this class was taught in the workshop on Saturday 3:30-4:45pm
In place spins and turns.
Rear colgadas, reverse freno and backward pasadas were all in this class. This is another fun class to review. Many didn’t take this to a level of completion, this will be one of many reviews you will need in order to dance this step. This is a worthy goal in your dancing as it adds elegance and musicality to your repertoire.

Vals: this class was taught in the workshop on Sunday 2-3:15pm
Traveling turns. This is a step I have taught many times, you will appreciate the review since there are several subtleties you will be able to appreciate since it will have marinated for a while. This will become a series later, to explore the many variations and endings on this theme. These are fun and inspiring turns.

Milonga: this class was taught in the workshop on Sunday 3:30-4:45pm
Squeezing the juicy music. (Change of dynamics and vocabulary)
I am looking forward to exposing the energy and contralateral rolling that happens on the side steps. It will positively be yummy to nail this for your use in dancing milonga. We will enlarge and expanding the meaning and comprehension of the various rhythms that this class explores. This is a terrific way to expanding your rhythmic improvisation in dancing milonga.

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