Reviewing Oscar & Jesica

Rusty & Jo at competition

We will be reviewing the classes in the order they were taught. There are 5 classes that we will review thusly:
The Embrace Class will be over laid on all of the other classes as we utilize the exercises they used for the embrace for executing all of the other patterns and figures in each class.

Here are the classes as they taught them:
This Class will appear as a review each week in the other classes: Thursday’s Class – The embrace in relation to milonguero figures. This class explains all the more comfortable, efficient and elegant ways to develop an elastic embrace for social dancing. (All levels)
Week 1, Thursday April 20 Reviewing: Saturday 1st Class– Classic milonguero figures – This class reveals moves that can be immediately absorbed. Enrich your dance today. Take it to another level. (Intermediate)
Week 2, Thursday April 27 Reviewing: Saturday 2cnd Class – Milonga as it should be danced. This class teaches how to dance Milonga as a separate and different dance from the tango or waltz. (Inter. Adv)
Week 3, Thursday May 4 Reviewing: Sunday’s 1st Class – Pencil with female glides (lapices con planeos). Lapices are figures of tango salon. These figures contain secrets of execution that will be revealed in these classes. Female glides demonstrate lines and posture essential for the image of tango or waltz right through the body and female lines.
Week 4, Thursday May 11 Reviewing: Sunday 2cnd Class – The Art of leaning (apilarce). Leaned figures with great female adornments that enhance the connection, the pause and highlights the woman’s participation. (Inter Adv)

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