Sacadas: Sexy, Silky & Social – 4 Week Series

AZ Dance Coalition Performance Oct. 2013
October 8th through the 29th
7:00pm – 8:30pm

Sacadas are a staple of tango, for lots of reasons, from eye candy to the convenience of turning in the cross system of dancing. Sacadas done when both partners are adept at molinetes easily become silky and/or sexy.

We will teach you:
Simple rules that hold sacadas together
The type of molinete that makes them work the best
A method of entering sacadas that will change your application of sacadas forever
How to recognize why they fall apart -and- how to repair them on the fly
How to execute them in either close or open embrace
Exploration time and pattern time are both built into this series

You will be able to carry away some patterns of usage for sacadas, as well as musical places and reasons for sacadas. You will leave this series not just with what you mastered during the classes, but with a firm knowledge of what is left to be done to improve sacadas from here on out.

I am tying this class to a future event: “Dancing to Alternative Music” weekend workshop coming up on Sunday Oct. 25th.

This is a gender balanced series. There is a limit of 12 people in the class. Please do your best to register with a partner. Payment must be made at the time of registration, Register now!
$80 per person for the entire Series:
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