Student in Residence Tango Immersion Package

sandOur student in residence program is a popular way to acquire a deep and rich understanding of tango. By residing in our guest room for a period of time, you attend all of our classes, observe private lessons, receive scheduled private lessons for your personal study.

This in depth immersion is extremely valuable for the aspiring social dancer or to prepare you for or improve your professional dancer/instructor education. The experience is completely customized to enable you to grow and understand the many subtle nuances of the Argentine Tango, its instruction and exercises that make it easier to access.

The Student in Residence Program Includes Events During Your Stay (but is not limited to):

  1. Up to 10 hours of personal instruction each week.
  2. All milongas, practicas, workshops, classes and or festivals that occur during your stay.
  3. Ability to observe and even participate in private lessons we teach.
  4. Learning to formulate a lesson plan and how we go about teaching privates, classes and workshops.
  5. A full and comprehensive understanding of the tango foundation – to know what truly makes this dance “tick”!
  6. Evening and dinners filled with philosophical tango discussions, covering a wide range of topics from organizing tango to the social aspects of community.

Typical One Week Tango Immersion Package

Calculations are based on a few factors, value of lessons, price of local hotels, value of classes and milongas while you are here.

Basically, we will spend around two hours a day together in lessons – some of that with me dancing with you, some of that with you practicing balance, pivots, molinetes, walking, spirals etc as I coach you and teach you the exercises. The exact time depends on your saturation point. I have developed over 40 fun and enlightening exercises to choose from that will help you become more aware of how your body ergonomically functions in all tango movements.

Plus you can watch and observe any and or all of my private lessons, I simply introduce you as my wizards apprentice.

In addition to the private lessons and coaching, included are all of the group classes and workshops that are taught while you are here, which may include:

2 one hour group classes on Saturday
1.5 hour class on Thursday
Milonguita on Friday
Monthly milonga: “Yo Soy la Milonga” on the 3rd Saturday of each month

In addition (as if that weren’t enough 🙂 we will be having lots of tango conversations. Since you will wired in your body and brain with tango, conversations and questions will simply spew forth at dinner etc. These enlightening talks will nurture a mental crop of understanding that will still be bearing fruit months or years after you leave.

This fills out a complete week-long immersion for you (or you and your partner) both on the floor and off. Sure to change your tango mind and body for the better, forever. 🙂

The rates:
7 days and nights of accommodations in your own room, right next to a full bath that you share only during lesson times with my students. Nights and mornings it is all yours.
We can share meals or you can fend for yourself.
It is usually fun to share and cook together.
I usually do some physical training body work most every day and you are welcome to join in. Or you can use PDX straps, yoga mat, dumbells etc…
You will pay for your own food or split with us, all easy to work out. You are welcome to go shopping with us and pick foods you like, we are omnivores so we eat anything healthy.

A full week tango immersion is $950 which is about the same as a good hotel for 7 nights in Tucson – but of course you get to stay in our beautiful home 🙂

That is a week’s worth of tango for free if you deduct the hotel costs 🙂 pretty cool huh?

It will help you to have a clear idea of what you want me to focus on. Things I specialize in:

  1. Simplifying the big picture – “The Landscape of Tango” so you can figure and self-check any choreography.
  2. Cleaning up and adding elegance to your dance: Elegance = Synergy the more elegant the dance is, the better it feels for both people.
  3. Foundational Tune-up: By cleaning up your basic movements, ochos, cruzadas, the basic boxes and classic figuras, I can cast an overview on how it applies to further and more advanced choreography.
  4. Connection check lists and non-negotiable foundational necessities.

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