Social Tango Foundation Workshop


Improve Your Tango Foundation

October 12th 1:pm-4:30pm
3305 N. Pebble Rapids Place
Tucson, AZ 85712
2 -1.5 hour classes with 1/2 break with tango videos – refreshments and healthy snacks included.

This well designed all levels class based on the social dance of Argentine Tango. Tango is not about the steps, but there are certain steps you must know in order to dance. Then over time we take these steps apart so you can improvise. In this workshop we will will cover:

  • Connection and Embrace
  • Basic Steps and Movements
    • Cruzada, Cross System, Ochos, Giro, Rock Steps
  • Musical Connection, Uses and Rhythms
  • Exercises for Improving Your Foundation
  • Posture, Stance, Tango Body -vs- Tango Motor
  • Energetics of Tango Moving
  • Grounding Making Gravity Your Friend

We are adding new teaching techniques to this workshop so no matter what level you are dancing we have tools, techniques and methods to help you improve your connection to your partner, the music, your dance mates and the floor on which you dance.

When both partners are connecting strongly to the floor and making gravity an ally the social dance becomes easier and very connected.
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