Private Lessons Available

If you want to study with Rusty be sure we have spoken, call or email before you buy - click on the contact page.

Private Lessons - Try One Get One Free $75

This is a first time use only offer.

I am finally teaching private lessons again. You must be vaccinated and recently tested to qualify. We will soon be organizing events again. I would love to help you get your tango legs back in shape.

Of course if you have lessons on the books still you can use them. Or you can sign up here for packages.

Thank you for supporting tango in Tucson.

It cost us over $4000 to keep tango in it's holding pattern last year - not to mention all of the missing revenue. We did have $3200 in donations - thank you. If you want to help with a donation it would be greatly appreciated:

Tango Donation $100

Tango Donation $20