Virtual Private Lessons Available

Virtual Private Lessons - Try One Get One Free $75

This is a first time use only offer.

We are having great success with virtual private lessons. Last year so many said "Why continue to study or practice at home, we aren't going to dance anyway?" so we suspended all lessons.
But now that the vaccine is here and getting distributed lots are asking to help them warm up their skills. The community will soon be dancing again. Let us help you get your chops back.

Two Video Lessons $80

Of course if you have lessons on the books still you can use them for your virtual lessons. Or you can sign up here for packages.

Thank you for supporting tango in Tucson.

It costs $500 per month just to keep tango in it's holding pattern. If you will help with a donation it would be greatly appreciated:

Tango Donation $100

Tango Donation $20