Tango For Life – Rusty & Jo Workshops

“The question isn’t who is going to let me; it is who is going to stop me?” ~Ayn Rand~

I had no idea what tango had in store for me when I started learning this dance. Now I look up almost 8 years later and I see a world full of magic. Tango made changes in me you wouldn’t believe if you didn’t know me before. Tango for Life is about utilizing the life changing attributes of tango in your everyday existence.

If you know you are a work in progress in your tango – and most certainly you know this or you wouldn’t be reading this – use this concept to change your very existence on the planet… I did!! If I can you can… both learn tango and change your life. I mean, come on a retired bricklayer teaching tango workshops… it is real and it is life changing. You are a work in progress just like me!

We are off to tour Australia teaching our workshop: “Tango for Life” on four different weekends. Tango will always be new and exciting to me because of the philosophies we incorporate into the workshop – philosophies we also happen to live by.

It’s the love, passion, excitement and enthusiasm that Joanne and I have for tango that drives us to do what we do. This is the best dance on the planet hands down bar none, so no matter what we do we are doing it for a higher calling when we do it for tango – sounds religious, huh… NOT. It is just a dance… but…

Tango changes your life for the better if you will let it.

If you feel like you are wrestling or jostling in tango, if you sometimes get frustrated or irritated because your “steps” or lead and follow doesn’t work as smoothly as you would like. If you have seen more patterns than you know what to do with and can barely remember any of them. If you wonder where this tango trip you are on is heading…

This workshop is for you.

Rusty & Jo’s
Tango For Life – Down-Under Workshop Tour
Begins May 30th, 2009 in Phoenix…

And ends the first weekend in September in Western Australia.

May 30th – 12:00 Noon – 3:30


Paragon Dance Center

931 E. Elliot Rd. Ste 101

Tempe, AZ 85284

In “Tango for Life” You will not only learn some fun and interesting tango movements and elements, you will learn to apply yourself to these movements and in turn carry them forward into your journey of Tango for Life. You will find yourself reflecting on the workshop for years to come. But be careful this blend of life and dance metaphor just might change you for life for the better… for life!

Tango for Life is a reflection of the journey we are all taking together…
One life, one embrace at a time!

12:00 – 1:30 PM – Folding Like a Bandoneon

Did anyone ever tell you to stand just so? So now do you find yourself moving like a board trying to comply with this prerequisite posture? Moving in tango is a dynamic event, our posture doesn’t change per say, but it does turn and twist. Every movement has the equal and opposing matching shape of your partner – and quite frequently your shape is for your balance from the waist down and for your partner’s shape from the waist up.

Here we will re-build the cruzada one vertebra at a time until the shape is perfect – and then dismantle the cruzada to form something magically musical. This is an all levels class that can end differently for each participant depending on your level of dance – you can end with the perfect a volcada or a musical cruzada.

2:00 – 3:30 PM – Reversing The Cruzada

Do volcadas elude you at times? Have you tried to get a bit of a lean but it’s a bit of a struggle to make it work?
Funny That looks like a backward volcada… this is an intermediate level class that will assume you know things like leading a cruzada, walking in cross system, mostly moving with your partner… ending with the smooth delivery of a reversed volcada. This is the perfect mate ot the first class.


Paragon Dance Center
931 E. Elliot Rd. Ste 101
Tempe, AZ 85284 (480) 777-8877
Or call Rusty: 520-777-3314

Each class is an hour and a half long with 30 minutes of practice time to follow.

We came to the milonga at Paragon on May 16th (click here to see a video of the demonstration of movements we will be teaching) to dance with our Phoenician friends and to give demonstration of what we will teach on the 30th… by the way thanks for the dances we had a blast and we are looking forward to working with you all!!

3 Hour Workshop and 30 minutes of practice, that will last a life time:
Tango for Life only: $50 Advanced Price Until May 25th – $60 after.

$50 Full Workshop
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A Quote From The Workshop, “In order for two people to move together there must some bending. To move in tango there is bending of the wills, a bending of direction, a bending of elevation, a bending of control and finally a bending of multiple joints and muscles. So where is the first bend? In tango as in life, first we bend to the movement of life itself, then after we learn to be supple, life will bend with us.” ~Rusty~

Reviews of Argentine Tango Workshops!

Here is what they are saying:

“I wanted to thank you for the workshop. It was a very good combination of new materials and ample practice time. I feel that I can not only use all of the concepts and elements we went over today, but also I can enhance my normal combinations. I am glad you could find the time to come here.
Take care,
Alexander “Sasha” – Phoenix, AZ – Oct. 2008

“Thanks for the great workshop you held at Ambiant this past weekend. I learned a lot of great technique from your classes. The fish swim and other techniques you presented gave me the “eureka” moments that clarified things for me.
Hope you consider coming back to Phoenix to give other workshops on a regular basis.
Walter Parmon, Phoenix, AZ – Oct. 2008

“You showed me techniques I didn’t even know existed in Argentine Tango, thank you, Rusty.”
Piero DeSimone, Flagstaff, AZ – Aug. 2008

“It is such a comforting feeling to know that the growth and future of our tango community is in such capable and wonderful hands. Thanks for all you do. We all love you both very much. Sheila Howard – Flagstaff, AZ Aug. 2008

“I think we should call you the “Tango Whisperer“ the way you get inside of us and fix what going on from the inside out.” – Christine & Terry Fraze – Tucson, AZ

“I love the way you took special care with my husband in helping him be more away of me as we danced! All The Best,” – Gail Jacobson, Patagonia, AZ – Nov. 2007

“Rusty is a master of metaphor and analogy. It seems he can always find something to say to bring your own personal experience into learning movements and techniques.”  
~~Joanne Canalli
(Rusty’s student since 2004) >

Jo and Rusty’s workshops focus on partnering, connection, smoothing transitions, body awareness and mechanics. With special attention given to the discreet state of your body as you become musical utilizing floorcraft. We emphasize technique and elements with the goal of assisting dancers to develop their individual style and ability to improvise.

Details of Workshops we will teach all over the world.

We love to teach what you love to learn: Argentine Tango!