How to get dances with instructors!

How to get dances with local or well known tango instructors!

After teaching 9 workshop classes in another city a friend told me that a woman at one of the milongas, said to him: “Rusty was rude because he ignored my cabeceo!”.  Hmmm how could this be?

When traveling we are only able to be there because of the people that take the workshops and private lessons.  They are a priority at milongas. I guess I am looking to thank and get to know them better by dancing with them.

When Jo and I walk into a milonga we scan the room for people we already know or those we met in one of our workshops. If we have a performance I need to warm up my lovely Joanne, and if not I still want to dance with her. If “Our song” comes on I want to ignore everyone and find Jo. Sometimes I want to dance more than one tanda with a favorite partner that I work out with, have known for years or have not seen in a long time. Tough choices to be sure.

I don’t think people go to milongas to be mean, disrespectful or to hurt the feelings of others. Seems obvious when I think of it! Maybe it just needs to be said out loud.  In my heart all I feel is love for this dance and an appreciation of what it takes to make tango available to so many.

Want to know how to increase your chances of getting dances with the traveling or professional instructors ladies and gentlemen?

  1. Attend their classes
  2. Support the workshops
  3. Take a private lesson

And still the busy ones may not be able to meet all of their obligations and find you at the milongas. Ask, if you must, but ask without expecting.  Don’t be judgmental about the result, you have no idea what is on their plate!  By all means don’t trap them into a dance or put them on the spot socially.

Come to think of it….

Suppose you are at a festival with 60 or more people per class, the instructor teaches 6 classes over the weekend. The math doesn’t work. Even an all night milonga has only 42 tandas. What is one to do even if they could teach all day, and dance non stop all night for 9 hours.  How can one be spread so thin? I am just saying… come have fun and find who you find… this is a part of what makes tango so unique!

With Love and Respect,
Rusty Cline