At what Level DO I dance? – Or – Growing in Tango!

I was recently asked what I thought about a new student coming to an advanced class and this was my answer:
The process reminds me of math – and though I never got higher than geometry and basic calculus, it is similar in that it is a build of component understandings and functions. If you can master algebra a lot of other math components fall into place, if however you never quite get a+b=c then you will struggle with even a simple x,y axis equation much less curves or algorithms.

In the end tango is seeing clearly your body in relation to itself, gravity, time and space and then its juxtaposition and relationship to your partner’s discreet state in relations again to time and space. When you accomplish the forward intention and walk, you will be amazed how many movements and steps suddenly open up to you. It may even seem at times that progress ceases then, a light goes on and twelve steps all fall into place at once.

  1. First you see you and fully observe your own position clearly; all the way to the discrete state of your being, recognizing all parts of your body and its appendages as you flow through space and time with the music.
  2. Then you see your partner and respect and observe her position in its discreet state and movement all through and during movements.

These juxtapositional elements are quite complex; the dynamic relationship that we have with each other, the music, the floor, the crowd and time and space are staggering. Actually it is quite amazing that we have brains that can make these computations so easily – and here is the key word: after – after we have the muscle memory and know exactly what our own body is doing, everything gets easier.

Take heart here. There are folks in the Advanced class that have been dancing 5 to 10 years. Tango is a slow burn. Lots of reinforcement and lots of practice. I have seen lots of instructors try but I have yet to see anyone come close to creating a short cut to tango πŸ™‚

Tango is a journey that will Β last you a life time. There is no destination and there is no hurry. Take your time, learn a good foundation but most of all have fun and enjoy the process. There is no need to not become discouraged!

Love Light & Gratitude,