Tango Impulse Exercise

Argentine Tango Exercises – Impulse Training

Moving the follower first. The point of this exercise to to learn to give an impulse to the follower to mover her foot before the leader moves his.

Leader: Soften knee and crate a slight forward movement that feels like a step DO NOT move your leg as the follower moves her leg, after the follower moves her leg, you move your leg only DO NOT move your body. Then after your foot is quietly set in place push with your standing leg to leave the axis.

Follower: When you feel the leader soften and come toward you, move only your leg all the way back into a back stepping position, DO NOT move your body! Then after the leader places his leg in place and begins to leave his axis begin to transition your weight onto your extended leg receiving your weight with your toe DO NOT flatten your foot in one movement!

This exercise is proven to increase your awareness of the actual stepping impulse verses the off axis moment!