Close Embrace Ochos and Corrida

Why Close Embrace Ochos?

Because they are so much more snuggly. Close embrace tango in general is soft and warm and gentle.

Close embrace ochos don’t allow the follower’s hips to rotate like an open embrace ocho does. The ochos resemble cruzadas.

The leader’s movements are so subtle and quiet they are very small indeed. This is where a gentle but firm embrace is so important so that both partners can shape and mold into the shape and form of one another.

IN A PRACTICE SETTING: If you get confused a good trick is for the leader to relax and allow the lady to perform her ochos as the leader listens with his body to the shaping she needs to perform these intricate moves. Then slowly begin to help her move through the ochos at first without interfering then SLOWLY becoming helpful, then leading.

Love & Light,
“They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel.”
~Carl W. Beuchner~