4 Week Series – Reviewing Oscar and Ana

DSC_0112Reviewing Oscar & Ana’s Workshops
On Thursdays, June 9th thru the 30th from 7-8:30 pm
3305 N. Pebble Rapids Place
Reviewing Oscar and Ana’s Workshops
No you will not have had to attend the workshops. I will be reviewing from scratch.
Trust me if I was learning things after 15 years of dancing you will learn from this review as well.

  • Tango Techniques Class – Spheres and more
  • Improvised Turns – Using torque, release, molinete and direction changes to learn.
  • Milonguero Figuras – Using the cruzada to create improvised figuras. Understanding more resolutions while using special effects.
  • Tango Vocabulary – Creating a dialog between partners. How to realize you know more than you think you do.

Energy – Direction – Music – Articulation of a Desired movement – both leaders and followers will gain elegance and become richer and more proficient dancers from this review.

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