Jane & Rusty: Musicality & Partnership

Jane Morgan and Rusty Cline
Tucson Dance Academy
2850 W. Ina Rd. #100
$15 per class – $25 for both

Musicality and Partnership – Reflecting & Connecting
2 – All Levels Argentine Tango Workshop Classes

Getting inside the mind of one of Tucson’s favorite followers. Lessons in following and leading through the eyes and perspective of Jane Morgan with Rusty Cline.

Steps and Exercises for Balance and Musicality.
Movements to create a stronger partnership.
Awareness through creative collaboration and connection.

Changing your awareness of yourself and your partner will greatly enhance your dance and your experience.

To register for one class you will pay at the door.
To get the two for $25 discount pay here.

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For almost two months we have been planning this class, testing, adding deleting and creating a class that should help any level dancer to improve their understanding and body knowledge.