Maria Olivera – Oct 3-9, 2018

We are happy to announce that Maria Olivera, a dear friend and wonderful tango dancer and instructor, is coming to Tucson Oct. 3-9, 2018.

She will teach 5 workshop classes, perform at Yo Soy Milonga and be available for privates. To schedule a private, use the contact form below or contact Rusty directly so he can keep her schedule straight.

Friday 7:00-8:30pm Tango fundamentals for all levels: connection times 3 (the leader, the follower and the music).
Saturday 2:15-3:30pm pm Tango vocabulary: how to develop a fluid, effortless communication between the partners.
Saturday 3:45-5:00pm Tango/Vals: spiral turns to soften the rough edges.
Sunday 2:15-#:30pm Milonga: The geometry of improvisation.
Sunday 3:45-5:00pm Tango: Advanced vocabulary to express the music in depth

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$30 per class pre-reg a la carte $35 at the door:

$35 per Class/Person pay at the door.
About María
Born in Buenos Aires and raised in San Telmo, within a family of “tangueros”, Maria’s childhood was immersed in the poetry and music of the tango. By her twenties, these powerful memories inspired her to at last become a dancer.

She first studied with Gustavo Benzecry Sabá, with whom she partnered during 13 years of teaching and performing around the world.

She has studied technique with several prestigious dancers and continues to work with Argentine Masters that taught her to express the emotion of the dance.

Her method combines the passion and love for the dance with a deep knowledge about anatomy and kinetics that she acquired from other disciplines such us yoga, stretching and Pilates.

With English as a second language María has taught students in many of the most famous tango festivals and communities within the USA, Europe and beyond.

In 2012 she presented her Instructional DVD “Techniques for followers” which features 6 chapters dedicated to posture training, balance, walking, pivots and decorations.

With her deep knowledge of Tango music María has been invited to DJ at numerous festivals throughout the world.

A hallmark of her dance is the speed and expressiveness of the feet, which harmonizes with the elegance of her walk and posture.

Since 2014 María is a member of the International Dance Council (UNESCO).

Maria’s private lesson rate is $100 for one hour, 3 lessons for $270 and 5 for $420.

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